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Why Urine Odor Persists!

New products that actually work as intended do not last on the market. As a child my mother loved to try new items all the time. Typically on the return visit to the store the product was no longer available. I asked myself why?


Economic sustainability was the answer.


NOKIMDED (Knock-Em-Dead) is this kind of product. Retailers are not interested in promoting or stocking this miracle product. It works as intended. Stores will stock 20 enzyme based products, but will not offer a tea tree oil based product. The owner explained they sell vast amounts of these and would only sell 1 of the NOKIMDED. Economics and not goodwill are at play here.


Consumers who do not understand the nature of urine accidents will continue using enzymes. In reality enzymes are fueling the fire. Every time a urine stain is treated with enzymes or deodorizers the bacteria level doubles. Every treatment causes an explosion of bacteria. This result is not what the manufacturer promised. We as consumers trust retailers to offer the best products for any given situation. They really do not care about us, only our dollars$$$.


The Urineman of Pet Stain and Odor Cleaners will always tell the truth and offer products that work as intended. The internet is a blessing because Nokimded and associated products are available to all who want the Urine stain and odor removed. Order your NOKIMDED from today.


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